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Linamar provides an excellent platform for employees to advance their career. In 50 years, Linamar has grown from a small machining operation to a leading global manufacturing powerhouse. From the entrepreneurial seeds planted by the dynamic founder and current Chairman, Mr. Frank Hasenfratz, Linamar has evolved into a $6.5 billion company with 60 manufacturing facilities located across the globe. Growth has been tremendous and as Linamar’s strong and streamlined corporate structure enables continued success and performance at unsurpassed levels.




企業としての可能性を最大限に活かすには、従業員の能力が花開くことのできる文化を育てることが欠かせません。 リーダーシップ能力重視の文化は常に教育、提示、そして褒賞をもって企業全体で実行されています。 モチベーションと能力の高い従業員がその能力を最大限に活かし成長すべく、多角的な取り組みを行っています。
我々は様々な体験を通して、従業員の能力開発や人としての成長を支援・奨励しています。リーダーシップトレーニング・開発機会を通して従業員のキャリアパス構築支援を行い、企業と従業員が共に成長する機会を構築しております。リナマーでの成長の機会は数えきれないほどあります。 例としては:



  • 品質保証
  • プロジェクトマネジメント
  • CNC段取り研修
  • 電気系
  • 大工
  • 機械工
  • 溶接工

イーチワン・ティーチ・ワン プログラム

弊社では適材適所の人材を育成すべくポテンシャルが高いと判断された従業員に対しスキル、経験及び育成目標が弊社のニーズと一致するようなサポートを行っております。 リナマーはStretch Assignments, Mentoring, Job shadowingや専門性の高い研修などを行っております。 チャレンジ精神旺盛な方は是非弊社をご検討下さい。


We know that strong, purposeful leadership is required to drive our success; that is why we provide our leaders with the best practices that help them to plan, communicate and execute in a way that demonstrates passion and edge. Our LLDP programs address critical leadership skills for each level of the organization. These programs are grounded in our Core Values and Leadership Behaviors and focus on essential outcomes.
The LLDP programs use an experiential model of development that promotes self-awareness and skill enhancement, while having fun. Key learnings are internalized through the creation of action/coaching plans that drive accountability for improvement. A fundamental belief is that leaders share the responsibility to live the program outcomes within themselves and their teams in order to achieve a high degree of success.
We know that leadership is about getting things done through others, so we give our leaders the knowledge, skills and tools they need to cultivate loyalty and commitment in their people. Great leaders, you'll find them here!

リナマーリーダーシップ育成プログラム (LEAP)